Prof. Dr. Evangelos Markopoulos


Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Professor Dr. Eng. Evangelos Markopoulos is an expert, entrepreneur and scholar on Process and Project Management, Enterprise Engineering, Knowledge Management and Innovation & Entrepreneurship. He holds a BA in Computer Science, an MSc in Computer Science with concentration in Artificial Intelligence, and a PhD on ICT Project and Investments.


With a demonstrable track record of delivering robust capability, to obtain detailed business, market, product & consumer insight, enabling superior business decision making, across all levels of the business. Key strengths include : Defining board-level vision  and strategy for strategic and agile project,   program  and process management, knowledge  management, business transformation, enterprise engineering and architecture and innovation management, ensuring  roadmaps in place for delivering and measuring actual business benefit realisation.


He worked across sectors, including Technology, Financial Services, Banking, Media & Entertainment, E-Commerce, Government, Defense, Logistics, Gaming and Hospitality, helping different organizations meet their digital transformation and enterprise engineering challenges. He enjoys working from the ground up, shaping the business process, knowledge architecture, technologies and organizational change, to ensure that commercial value is realized and enable the knowledge assets to be monetized. His results have enabled better strategic decision making for Board Strategy, Innovation, Extroversion, Product Development, & Consumer Experience  & Corporate Entrepreneurship. Through the development of sophisticated global technology management process models, he builds and manages high performance international project management and implementation teams of 2 to 100+ people; with extensive experience on agile, lean and dynamic management. He delivered from scratch several technology and corporate strategy & governance projects, across various industries, facilitating the delivery of high quality results within time, budget and schedule. He specializes on building democratic organizational management models based on the capability and maturity of the organization and the client, aligned with the project goals and expectations. He enjoys driving through change; he is results orientated; aligned to a strong teamwork and ethos.


As a Computer Scientist he worked mainly in the USA and at ΙΒΜ (as Applications and Graphics Programmer, Systems Programmer, Systems Engineer, Systems Architect), at Siemens (Communications applications, PBX’s, TCP/IP) and at Bell Laboratories of AT&T (Artificial Intelligent and Expert Systems Research on Man Machine Languages and Natural Language Processing for satellite communication management).


In his Academic career he taught (Mathematics, Computer Science and Business Management) under all academic roles and worked as a Research Fellow in research & development programs and initiatives, in Universities and Technical Institutions in the US, UK, Finland and Greece. He has 100+ publications in international journals and conferences.


As an innovative entrepreneur and businessman later, he established and managed the EMPROSS Group of companies composed from: EMPROSS Strategic IT Consultants, Athens, Greece (Project Management), Sparthink Technologies, San Francisco (Innovation and Apps Development, SmartGATE, Cairo Egypt (Enterprise Engineering), and Sophia147+, London, UK (Knowledge and Innovation Management).  He invested and developed many technologies and innovations turning them into applicable products and services.

Key Projects

  • Hellenic Post Bank. Digital Strategy Designer. October 2008 – September 2010. Athens, GREECE. 
  • First Financial Bank. Acting CIO and CTO. February 2006 – March 2010. Podgorica, MONTENEGRO. 
  • Hellenic Armed Forces. Chief Tender & Project Manager. February 2001 – March 2004. Athens, GREECE. 
  • Unisystems. Chief Process Manager. October 2002 – February 2005. Athens GREECE. 
  • Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority. EU Project Coordinator. February 2006–March 2009. Nicosia Cyprus. 
  • Globo Technologies. International Strategy & Business Development Consultant. October 2013-October 2014. London, UNITED KINGDOM.
  • Cyprus Federation of Employers and Industrialists. Business Transformation Instructor. June 2000-May 2014. Nicosia, CYPRUS. 
  • Ministry of Finance Cyprus, Department of Information Technology. Software Project Management Methodologist. August 2006-January 2007. Nicosia, CYPRUS. 
  • Hellenic Aviation Industry. Systems Logistics Consultant, September 2006 – May 2007. Athens, Greece. 
  • Hellenic Arms Corporation. ERP Project Management Specialist, May 2006 – January 2007. Athens, Greece. 
  • National Bank of Greece. Software Contract Management Consultant. September 2005-May 2006. Nicosia, Cyprus.
  • Cyprus Popular Bank. Technology Contract management Consultant. January 2005-October 2005. Nicosia, Cyprus.
  • Athens 2004 Olympic Games Venues Unitization. Process Reverse Engineering and Business Transformation Consultant. March 2005 – November 2007. Athens, Greece.
  • Ministry of Interior, Hellenic Republic. Technology Strategy Consultant. January 2005 – October 2005. Athens, Greece.

Past Experience

  • Bell Laboratories of AT&T
  • IBM
  • Siemens
  • EMPROSS Group of companies


  • BA in Computer Science from Hunter College of the City University of New York
  • MSc on Computer Science with concentration in Artificial Intelligence, from New York University Polytechnic Institute
  • PhD in ICT Project and Investments Management from the University of Piraeus (Greece)