Join the YNotLab

The YNotLab is a startup accelerator initiative of Loizou&Co to provide an opportunity to visionary entrepreneurs to present and develop their ideas prior to reaching the stage of either accepting or rejecting them

How We Do It

Operations Model

Implementation methodology


We provide the minimum requirements an entrepreneur shall meet prior joining the lab. We receive the idea and provide feedback for the entrepreneur to work on it. We set up a pitch day and the entrepreneurs presents twice. First a 6 minute presentation and a 10’ Q&A in which we provide feedback. After 1 hour a 30’ presentation  with 30’ Q&A as a discussion. Based on the maturity of the idea the entrepreneurs joins our accelerator program. Ideas that need further development are rescheduled for a second set of presentations.

The Accelerator Period

We accept the best ideas in the accelerator


We mentor the ideas for 2-6 months based on their maturity. We provided mentorship from leading academies, entrepreneurs and investors. We arrange pitches to industry experts and investors. We help entrepreneurs develop a full business plan, an executive business plan, networks and partnerships, presentation decks and a solid financial plan. We help entrepreneurs develop their presentation skills (oral, speech pace and volume, formality). We provides a certificate of completing the acceptation program.

The Post-Accelerator Period

We maintain relations with YNotLab Alumni


We provide opportunities for further pitching to local, regional and intentional competitions. We link them with investors globally based on their type of idea. We coordinate their communication with part as part of their team. We provide legal assistance and Intellectual Property Rights support.

Success Stories

The Rice inc team, mentored by Prof. Dr. Evangelos Markopoulos,

presenting at the UN Final 2018.

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