University Scheme

The YNotLab is an initiative of Loizou&Co to provide an opportunity to all entrepreneurs present and work out their ideas prior to accepting or rejecting them.

What We Offer

YNotLab for Universities

YNotLab provides a University Support Scheme through which institutions can offer the YNotLab services to their students. Through the University Scheme institutions achieve:


  • Student satisfaction
  • Effective Entrepreneurial Programmes
  • Students support reputation
  • Students loyalty
  • Increase on enrolments


  • YNotLab partners with the university forming the YNotLab_UniversityName
  • The partnerships have duration for at least 3-5 years
  • YNotLab establishes a branch in the university and an accelerator as well
  • YNotLab_UniversityName supports the university students
  • The number of students and the range of services vary based on the contract made
Universities start-ups worked with YNotLab Mentors

University College London (UK)

Imperial College London (UK)

Turku University of Applied Sciences (Finland)

HULT International Business School (USA)

Poznan University of Technology (Poland)

Queen Mary University of London (UK)

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