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About YNotLab

The YNotLab is a startup accelerator initiative of Loizou&Co to provide an opportunity to visionary entrepreneurs to present and develop their ideas prior to reaching the stage of accepting or rejecting them. YNotLab aims to be the flagship accelerator in London and internationally. It is located at the heart of London’s Mayfair and supported by a team of expert mentors. More>

The Rice Inc team mentored by Prof. Dr. Evangelos Markopoulos,

receiving from President W. J. Clinton, the Hult Prize, global student social entrepreneurship award, at the UN Final 2018.

The Rice inc team mentored by Prof. Dr. Evangelos Markopoulos

at a BBC World News Interview.

How We Do It

We provide the minimum requirements an entrepreneur shall meet prior joining the lab. We receive the idea and provide feedback for the entrepreneur to work on it. We set up a pitch day and the entrepreneurs presents twice. First a 6 minute presentation and a 10’ Q&A in which we provide feedback. After 1 hour a 30’ presentation  with 30’ Q&A as a discussion. Based on the maturity of the idea the entrepreneurs joins our accelerator program. Ideas that need further development are rescheduled for a second set of presentations. More>

The presentation of the Rice inc team at the UN Final 2018.

YNotLab Founders Club

The 101 founders of our 29 startups within the YNotLab community come from 44 different countries around the world. More>

Start-ups Supported by YNotLab Mentors

RICEINC is a social enterprise that helps small-holder farmers get access to modern farming technologies in poor farming communities within Asia. More>

Fuelnomy is a start-up whose aim is to reduce atmospheric pollution by assembling autonomous cars that would transform CO2 to fuel. More>



Natura4 is a social enterprise that creates low-cost high-quality medical supplies made with bamboo. More>


ET Collect is a Smart Kitchen Waste Management company based in Egypt. More>

DanceTech is a self-learning tool for beginner to intermediate level ballet dancers based on patented AI motion analysis technology. More>


REMEDII develops an alternative to the original medicine cap/bottle that are usually disposed after one usage. More>


Zentii is a London based start-up working on Digital Scent Technology. We make printers of scents. Our machine combines different scents and releases the mixture on paper strips for us to smell. More>

Revival aims to tackle the fast fashion industry impacts. The start-up intends to create an alternative pathway for used clothing, give it another life and prevent excessive fast fashion consumption. More>

ORBET aims to provide quality education at comparatively nominal rates while simultaneously reducing population, pollution and inequality prevalent in the capital city of New Delhi. More>

MindCap’s mission is to democratize access to university by providing low-cost and sustainable loans to students at interest rates that are reflective of their future earning potential. More>

CO2MOS is a solution to empower people to shop sustainably. Is an app that tracks the carbon footprint of each transaction and suggest more sustainable choices in an immersive experience that uses gamification features to ensure engage. More>


The Rainbow team developed the App plus Hub solution to support the left-behind children. It is estimated that there are more than 70 million left-behind children in the world today. More>

E-mpACT is an e-waste collection company targeting illegally employed youth in Agbogbloshie, Ghana. More>

As the world declines into environmental disaster, it is not enough to transform the industries which only a select few have access to. That is why BURG will transform the food and drinks industry to help the environment and the global economy. More>

RonaSol aims to decrease chronic water shortages for households in need. The team proposed a single-basin solar still that is made of one basin filled with water and enclosed with a tinted translucent dome-shaped cover. More>

AlgaX is a food production company that uses modular and scalable algae panels to absorb CO2 and obtain two main products: Omega 3 Oil and Biomass protein. More>

Diapers are the 3rd largest items in landfills and a single diaper can use as much as 40 litres of water and a cup of crude oil to produce. More>

Strila aims to solve the dilemma of air conditioner(A/C) and the rise in CO2 that it is forecasted to bring by 2050. More>

SL.AM LDN is a sustainable & ethical fashion brand, delivering high quality clothing with a social impact. More>

In2Care is a social enterprise which aims to help close the vacancy gap in the adult social care sector by finding unemployed youth (aged 16-35) with the right values for front-line social care. More>

Noble is a high-quality smart strap that provides the functionality of a smartwatch to a mechanical timepiece so that our customers never have to compromise utility for fashion. More>

BioMango is about converting these wasted mangoes in a golden resource for creating biodegradable and sustainable plastic-packaging solutions. More>

Enpov is an internationally awarded rural logistics social enterprise that is building sms-based technologies to connect rural merchants in Ethiopia with on-demand transportation to urban markets under a reliable and predictable experience. More>


Hi targets SMEs to ensure they can enhance and sustain their brand loyalty. Hi believes that setting up a contact centre requires a low set-up cost and is easy to operate. More>

GlocalX Empowers doubly disadvantaged youth with digital literacy and soft skills to match specific work opportunities. GlocalX empower women with essential skills and connect them with B corporations by a 2-stage process. More>

Raice – selling disposable coffee cup lids made from rice starch. Our rice starch lid is biodegradable and decomposes within a few days or weeks. We aim to re-design and re-imagine a brand new lid made of rice starch and revolutionise the lids industry. More>

Mansa Logistics is a drone-focused logistics company which is seeking to operate in Sub-Saharan Africa. The company looks at solving existing logistical problems in the health sector, particularly in countries where diseases such as Malaria, Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS are the biggest factors contributing to a high national mortality rate. More>

Consciously Aware’s goal is to provide the youth of Cairo and many other cities in the future with new opportunities while tackling climate action and improving the life of thousands. Our vision is to create a cleaner capital leading to the potential to set Egypt as an example for all other developing cities and become a global leader in collection technology and recycling industry. More>

ParkZen is a startup committed to help people in finding street parking and in locating their parked vehicles, without the need of a bluetooth interaction. Save money and time to do things that really matter, instead of paying for private parking or looping around for that one free curbside spot. More>

YNotLab for Universities

YNotLab provides a University Support Scheme through which institutions can offer the YNotLab services to their students. Ynotlab mentors work with startups from universities such as Imperial College London and UCL. More>

Meet Our Mentors
Lead Partner

Prof. Dr. Evangelos Markopoulos, Partner

Management and leadership

Dr Evangelos Markopoulos is an expert, entrepreneur and scholar on Process and Project Management, Enterprise Engineering, Knowledge Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. More>


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