Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

Loizou & Co’s team have had extensive experience in dealing with complex cross-border transactions and are well placed to become regional market leaders in M&A and Strategic Advisory. Our strong foundation allows for us to facilitate clients transactional needs.

Our Offering

Not only do we identify potential targets or merger partners, we highlight financial and strategic alternatives, providing a flexible and efficient service. We offer advice across all M&A and strategic assignments, including but not limited to public mergers and takeovers, business disposals and acquisitions, joint ventures and strategic alliances, and fairness opinions.

Working in partnership with either governmental bodies or international bidders, we offer a targeted advisory service in running or participating in privatisation. Our services run throughout the whole process, starting with the sale of existing shares and seeking the commitment of additional capital by new investors, to board support and the bidding process.

Through the optimisation of business portfolios, we help clients maximize the value of their corporate assets. The combination of our fundamentals-up approach and a keen understanding of the market allows us to successfully track and place new spinoff ventures. This ensures profitable solutions for all stakeholders as well as the long-term viability of new independent companies.

Loizou & Co seeks to minimise business disruptions, accelerate the closing process and realise value for clients. Our advisory services extend to sales and auctions in both distressed and strategic situations. We are also able to provide assistance in unusual divestitures such as carve-outs, recapitalisations, or split-offs.

Loizou & Co’s advisory services have strong preventative and response strategies to all unsolicited activity, such as hostile takeovers or activist campaigns. Not only do we carefully analyse a company’s defensive profile, but along with our M&A and valuation practices, our expert advisors provide a comprehensive offering in all takeover-related activity.

What We Do

Financial Advisory >

Mergers & Acquisitions


Loizou & Co’s highly seasoned investment banking professionals leverage their exacting analytical and industry expertise to provide clients with innovative and resilient guidance in valuation, complex mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, contracts and negotiation and co-ordination of other professional advisors. More >


Capital Raising


Loizou & Co specializes in demanding, unconventional areas of capital market activity. Our knowledge of the global markets and regulations allows for comprehensive and informed advisory on all aspects of capital allocation, capital valuation, raising and structuring, investor introductions, offer size and pricing. More >


Company Sales & Divestitures


Selling a business requires a well-planned divestment process. Our sell-side professionals are specialists with deep industry expertise to help you execute the project, while you keep ahead of any potential issues and risks. We minimise value leakage, while we assess your specific situation and support you negotiating your position. More >


Corporate & Debt Restructuring


Loizou & Co provides complete support and independent advisory in high-complexity distressed, bankruptcy and turnaround scenarios. Working closely with clients, Loizou & Co’s fundamentals-up approach not only highlights multiple strategies for managing liabilities and restructuring executions, but also generates strong outcomes for all stakeholders. More >

Strategic Consulting >

Business Strategy


Loizou & Co helps you raise your ambition in terms of your business strategy, determine your priorities and maximise your potential. And our specialist team works with you to mobilize effectively within your organization, from the boardroom to the front line, so that your transformation journey stays on schedule. More >


Market Analysis


Understanding your customers, competition and marketplace is your key to making effective business decisions and avoiding costly mistakes. Get those answers quickly and easily so you can plan your next move with confidence. Our team consists of experienced market analysts that will help you achieve your end goals. More >


Performance Improvement


We help you to continuously evolve and adapt in the face of a constantly changing and increasingly complex environment. React with agility to opportunities and threats by utilising our expert professionals in delivering ongoing performance improvements to allow them to gain and protect competitive advantage. More >


Digital Transformation


So much more than an IT deployment; people live at the heart of the digital transformation journey, while your customers will search for brands who share their values. The new differentiators that will allow you to evolve include inspired leadership that innovates with digital while promoting skills that embrace agility. More >

Quantitative Analytics >

Financial Modeling


Spreadsheet-based modelling can provide flexible tools to help you make informed decisions, but such tools can suffer from a lack of quality, robustness, security and reliability. Loizou & Co’s team empowers your decision-making process by building bespoke financial models that are flexible and robust designed to deliver tangible business benefits. More >


Applied Econometrics


Econometrics can help you to understand what data really tells you about your business, your customers, and the wider market. In today’s world of Big Data, businesses and policymakers have an increasing amount of information at their fingertips. Having all of this data to hand, though, is only as useful as the ability to interpret what it means accurately. More >


Customer Data Science


Customer Knowledge is a solution for business transformation, where retailers can differentiate and revolutionise or create their customer strategy by putting the Customer at the centre of day-to-day operations. Suited for retailers who want to revolutionise the use of data and science to understand and anticipate customer needs. More >


Custom Data Analytics


Engineering accurate and robust data products like visualizations, algorithms and reports are a key step to informing directors and managers so that they can make decisions confidently. These data analytics products often require multiple phases including a data engineering phase, a research phase and a design phase. More >

Our Coverage

Our sector knowledge and an extensive network are fully utilised to give our clients access to optimal solutions. When you work with us, you benefit not only from our expertise, but that of our global network, assisting you in achieving your objectives.

Select Credentials

Relevant Experience

At Loizou & Co we are proud of our long-standing commitment to quality in the services we provide and in the processes we use to deliver those services. We strive for excellence in all of our business verticals. Our team advised on multi-billion dollar mergers & acquisitions, led several high profile strategic consulting assignments, as well as, constructed advanced quantitative analytics.

Indicative Projects

  • Advisor to an undisclosed US insurer with regards to an acquisition in Europe, 2018
  • Advisor to an undisclosed bidder with regards to the proposed acquisition of National Bank of Greece’s subsidiary bank in Cyprus, 2017
  • Advisor to Apivita SA in its acquisition by Exea Empresarial/Puig SA, 2017
  • Advisor to EFG Eurobank in disposing its Turkish subsidiary Tekfenbank, 2012
  • Advisor to the private owners of Demir Sigorta and Demir Hayat in selling their businesses in Turkey, 2012
  • Advisor to EFG Eurobank in disposing its Turkish subsidiary Tekfenbank, 2012
  • Advisor on the sale of Barclays Plc’s retail and commercial banking operations in Russia, 2011
  • Advisor to an undisclosed underbidder in the proposed leveraged buy-out of AB Inbev’s CEE operations, 2009
  • Advisor to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for the $112m acquisition of Rocla Oyj in Finland, 2008
  • Proposed acquisition of London Stock Exchange Plc by Deutsche Börse AG, 2005
  • Proposed acquisition of P&O Ferries Plc’s Irish operations by Stena AB for £100m, 2004
  • Safeway Plc’s £4.3bn acquisition by WM Morrison Supermarkets Plc and Sainsbury Plc, 2003

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